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Reconcile – Reflective Essay

Daina Smith 25th May 2022 Reconcile (2022) is the result of two years spent engaging with immersive nature-based practices for cathartic release, to work through a sense of dissociation following an emotionally turbulent experience. I swam in cold lakes and rivers, walked through forests, touched the trees and moss and soil, sat, listened, and breathed…

Mycorrhizal Conversations: The Hidden Social Network of Fungi & Its Essentiality to Our Future

Daina Smith 3rd January 2022 Introduction This text discusses the nature of mycorrhizal networks and their necessity to the environment, the prevention of global warming, and the sustainability of future generations. Mycorrhizal networks are underground systems of roots and mycelium connecting plants and fungi in a symbiotic relationship, through which they communicate and share resources.…

How Modernity is a Detriment To The Human Condition, & How Land Artists Engage With This

Daina Smith 30th April 2021 Introduction This essay discusses modernity in western societies and postcolonial modernisation in lesser economically developed countries (LEDCs), to explain the ways in which this ideology is detrimental to global quality of life, and how capitalism can only thrive on exploiting the most marginalised of people. In addition, the text explores…

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